Outdoor gatherings with fireworks are as normal as apple pie during July 4th.  However, dogs and cats have sensitive hearing and loud noises as well as bright flashes can frighten them.  Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe and calm during events with fireworks.


A pet that has been exercised early in the day is less likely to experience as much stress.  Burn off extra energy by taking dogs on a long walk, play fetch or use an interactive toy.  Cats love to hunt so try a new toy or give them catnip. Additionally, try giving your pet a special treat that they normally don’t get.

Microchip and/or Tags:

Proper identification is the easiest way to make sure your pet will find their way back to you.  Microchip your pet and make sure their tags are up-to-date in case they escape and run away.

Safe Space:

Keep pets in indoors and in an area that is familiar to hang out during the fireworks.  Make the space dark and cozy to block the flashing lights.  Turn on the tv, play soothing music or use a sound machine to help muffle the noise.

Calming Aids:

Talk to you vet about the many calming aids available, such as:

Prepare them:

Expose your pet ahead of time to loud noises by playing recordings of fireworks and giving them praise and treats to associate the noise with good things.

Additionally, keep in mind, that every pet is different.  And it may take one or a combination of several of these tips, in order for your pet to cope with the loud noises during the festivities.   But, hopefully, with some time and a little work your pets will remain calm during fireworks.

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